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Church of Christ
in Roper, NC

Come find the peace, acceptance, and love you’ve always wanted at Shiloh Church of Christ, Disciples for Christ in Roper, NC. Our church seeks to teach about the life and teachings of Jesus and how the love of God is what grants us the chance for salvation. You’ll find a warm welcome and a group of believers who are excited to worship our God together. 

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Worship Together

As the Bible tells us, we’re meant to come together as a group and share our faith and sing our praises to the Lord. Jesus calls all of his disciples to worship regularly and give thanks to God for the wonderful blessings in our lives and our chance to be redeemed from our sins. Come join us for our worship music and feel the love of God. 

Community Outreach

Our church believes in spreading the Word of God not just through our words, but by our actions as well. Jesus washed the feet of people who needed help and grace. We’re called to the same mission and work hard to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Join us and spread love and aid all throughout Washington County. 

It's All for the Glory of God

Everything accomplished at Shiloh Church of Christ, Disciples for Christ is for the glory of God. Our sermons, worship, outreach, and missions are all to fulfill the Great Commission and spread the teachings and love of Jesus Christ to every corner of the world. It’s our goal for our congregation to live out these teachings and love. 

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You’ll feel welcomed and loved when you join Shiloh Church of Christ, Disciples for Christ for worship. Our church is here to provide education, fellowship, and aid to all of God’s children. Come stop by today to learn more about our church and worship and see how you can play a part in the glory of God.